A Striking Image

A Striking Image

From the Live Happy Team | Feb 26, 2014 by Joseph Panetta

Live Happy’s recent visit to Hollywood was both charmed and fraught with anxiety. This past weekend, we attended the NAACP’s 45th Annual Image Awards in Los Angeles. Because of a shipping mishap, we were left with no magazines, no books, no banners … in short nothing. In the spirit of our magazine, instead of fretting, we were totally solution-focused.

Our cameraman found a local production company where he could buy a green screen. Our sound guy drove to every Whole Foods and Barnes & Noble in the metro area to buy up copies of the magazine. And someone had the brilliant idea of sending artwork to the local Kinkos to print a quick banner. In short, given lemons, we made lemonade.

The amazing thing was, no one noticed what we were missing. Instead of giving something away, we were asking people to support happiness by going on camera to invite viewers to “help make the world a happier place.” And with no backdrop and barely a magazine to show, stars like Louis Gossett, Jr., Sherri Shepherd, Anthony Anderson and Terrence Howard graciously jumped right in. It was inspiring, and above all humbling, to see how collective good will can bring out the best in people.

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