A Question of Scale

A Question of Scale

LOCC was contracted by a large, global firm to consult on a multi-million dollar account.  The client needed to hear some hard “truths” about the state of the brand and its needs. 

This was simple math:
For the agency, the client was too big to piss off.  So they needed a "Trojan Horse" to deliver the necessary message.

The solution was to bring in a strategy sharp-shooter (e.,g. LOCC) to act in that role. If it worked, the agency gets a back-pat, the consulting team is smiling and the client is happy.  If it failed, the agency is insulated and can tell the client that the consultant misrepresented himself or whatnot.

Call it a gamble.  But it paid off.  Why did it work?  Multiple reasons – but the bottom line was simply this: for the agency, it was a massive, global client whose business they could not risk.  For the consultant it was a week-long advisory gig for a few thousand dollars.  It was about scale.

I’m proud to say that the result of this alignment produced more work and the client was thrilled with the input and strategic advice.  Even if they pushed back a bit (totally expected) the ultimate destination got everyone where they needed to go.  In this case, a global brand strategy and positioning that would resonate with consumers across the world and stay true to the brand essence.

It was a calculated risk; but one where the agency had an upside either way.

More than a year later, that strategy is still paying off.

Smart agency folks know when to call on a “Trojan horse” to deliver the message – the trick is selecting the right horse!