Life Brought to Your Door

Life Brought to Your Door

Remember when you had to go out for things?  Haircut, clothes or shoe shopping, groceries,

Once upon a time, you actually left your house to get or do these things.  Today, an APP can bring it all to your door.

Futurist Faith Popcorn predicted the trend of “cocooning” back in the late 80’s  – when home pizza delivery was taking root in our culture.  Fast forward three decades, now we press a few screens and:

  • Book professional hair and make-up to meet us at home or the office with or Vensette
  • Receive curated clothing options sent to us based on our taste with Trunk Club
  • Get new shoes (Zappo’s) and eyewear (Warby Parker)– two items everyone said “you have to try-on to buy.” Their wild success is partly attributable to the ease of returning the items.
  • Fill the pantry with food (Fresh Direct), stock up on personal care items: sunscreen, toilet paper and every other household need (Amazon, Jet and others)
  • Find someone to 'hang with' on any of a number of APPs designed to bring him or her to your door (no need to go to a bar or attend wedding to meet someone!)

All that’s required is a screen and credit card or Pay Pal account.

You can even shop for antiques on eBay and have them shipped.

  • Tele-commuting means you do not have to go to the office. *I work from a home office

Thus far Faith’s prediction has proven true: we are a culture of cocooning.  But evidence shows that it has grown from merely staying in to “Netflix and chill" to walking around in our own virtual world - ‘noses in screens.’  Wasn’t the purpose of cocooning to connect with one another more?  So are we?  Or do these options actually make us more hermit-like?