Happiness at the Writer’s Guild Awards

Happiness at the Writer’s Guild Awards

From the LiveHappy Team | Feb 4, 2014 by Joseph Panetta

Live Happy got its first taste of Hollywood on Saturday at the Writer’s Guild Awards dinner. We were in the “green room” where celebrities and presenters relaxed before and after going on stage. We presented the Acts of Happiness campaign to the attendees and the response was remarkable. We asked them to help us by going on camera to invite people to “Help make the world a happier place.

Actress Jennifer Tilly jumped in with both feet adlibbing three takes; Joe Manganiello of True Blood invited viewers to “help him make the world a happier place.”  Henry Winkler (“the Fonz” from Happy Days) and the brilliant Mel Brooks joined us as well.  Matt Weiner from Mad Men and Jeopardy’s Alex Trebek (who did state his response in the form of a question) also pitched in.

Probably the two that stood out among an array of stars were Betsy Brandt of Breaking Bad who related that a homeless man recently

asked her for money– and she asked if instead, she could buy him lunch. She said that act of happiness did her as much good and as it did him— exactly what Acts of Happiness is all about. And The Simpsons veteran writer and WGA honoree Sam Simon joined us without hesitation. It was only later that we heard he had terminal cancer. Here is a man with limited time left and HE wants us all to make the world a happier place.

How can you help to make the world a happier place? Comment below, post on our Facebook page or Tweet your #HappyActs.

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