3 Diamonds: Buying Based on “Story”

3 Diamonds: Buying Based on “Story”

I was invited to address a group marketing professionals.  The premise was “brand storytelling.”  The Q&A sparked a lot of conversation and confusion about how to make a “me too” story stand out.  


I used this analogy:

“Imagine there are three diamonds in a case.  On the surface, all three are equal – roughly 5 carats; similar clarity; color, etc.  For all intents and purposes they are the same.  Which one do you buy?”

No one had an answer.

I continued, “Now imagine that a gemological historian from Christie’s was on hand and related the following:

Diamond #1 was owned by Elizabeth Taylor during her first marriage to Richard Burton – it was the wage of a lost bet at a ping pong table.

Diamond #2 had been smuggled out of India during the British occupation by one of the Maharaja’s wives and was said to be from the 18th Century.

Diamond #3 was part of a French Royal Diadem given to Maria de Medici by Francois 1st.

Now which one do you buy?”

The answers varied all over the map.  I stopped the conversation to remind everyone that the rocks were essentially on par with one another.  The ONLY thing that changed was the story behind them.

This was a simple analog to demonstrate that people (media, consumers, buyers) buy based on story.  The item may be parity, but what matters is what you say about it.  Therein lies the compelling stuff.  It is the STORY that they can relate to others and that they identify with on some level.

At LOCC we believe in brand story as a powerful, persuasive tool.