Left of Center Thinking

In 1989 I was selected to be an intern at Ruder Finn Public Relations.  Getting to that offer was grueling: writing tests, crisis plan analytics, and three interviews.  Ultimately, I was one of 12 selected from 350 applicants.  The industry’s “gold standard training program” started my career.

Remember when you had to go out for things?  Haircut, clothes or shoe shopping, groceries,

Once upon a time, you actually left your house to get or do these things.  Today, an APP can bring it all to your door.

27-year-old nephew asked me – do you need to own your music or can’t you just enjoy listening to it?  He was drawing a distinction between “buying” music in iTunes and using services Spotify or Pandora.

Yes, he is a Millennial

“What is our competition doing?,” asked the CEO when presented with new branding and marketing concepts.  He was asking because “if it’s good enough for them….”  He was looking to be like everyone else in the category.  Why?  Because it’s safe.

Working with The Swatch Group under Nicolas Hayek, Sr. was a real treat.  Founder of the Group and a true business celebrity in much of Europe, he was always an amazingly insightful man.

During a global executive meeting, I asked the question: “What kind of company are we?”

by – Joseph Panetta, multi-decade horological industry consultant

“No one needs a watch today.”

It’s a statement we hear often—sometimes by those who are wearing one and often from those seeking to justify why they do not. They continue, “you can see the time on your computer, mobile device, there are clocks everywhere, etc…”

From the Live Happy Team | Feb 26, 2014 by Joseph Panetta

Live Happy’s recent visit to Hollywood was both charmed and fraught with anxiety. This past weekend, we attended the NAACP’s 45th Annual Image Awards in Los Angeles. Because of a shipping mishap, we were left with no magazines, no books, no banners … in short nothing. In the spirit of our magazine, instead of fretting, we were totally solution-focused.

From the LiveHappy Team | Feb 4, 2014 by Joseph Panetta

Live Happy got its first taste of Hollywood on Saturday at the Writer’s Guild Awards dinner. We were in the “green room” where celebrities and presenters relaxed before and after going on stage. We presented the Acts of Happiness campaign to the attendees and the response was remarkable. We asked them to help us by going on camera to invite people to “Help make the world a happier place.

Part of the new series on The Happiness – Success Connection | Original published on Forbes.com  03.20.2014

I’ve found in my career coaching and success training work that while clients come to me for better careers, what they REALLY want is happier lives. That’s what millions of us around the world are striving for – living more joyfully, peacefully, and committedly, and generating more satisfaction and reward in the work we do and the relationships we’ve created.