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The Company You'll Keep

What people are saying about Joseph Panetta, Founder of LOCC.

“When it comes to strategy, creativity and leadership, Joseph is my mentor. At Macy's, Joseph served as a consultant to the marketing and communications group and delivered smart, strategic concepts and innovative results-driven programs. He won over colleagues with his innovative ideas and precise executions. At Swatch Group, I was part of Joseph's communications team where he led by example. Juggling 12 brands and the demands of the corporate parent companies, he worked seamlessly with European and American executives and delivered more and higher-caliber results than any prior VP."  - Deanna Williams, Macy's

“Two things stand out about Joseph Panetta: his creativity and his salesmanship. And often putting the two together is a home run for marketing programs. Joseph is a force to be reckoned with in brainstorms as he serves two purposes: Nonstop steady stream of ideas and pushes the group to continue to come up with even more. He's a no-stone-goes-unturned kind of guy and he's going to find the right idea to fit the client strategy. If you want to reach for results beyond your goals -call Joseph.” 

- Paula Hahn, Managing Director, Marina Maher Communications

“I have never known anyone better in communications than Joseph. I worked with him on several big projects and brands including Volvo and Six Flags and he dazzled with his ability to understand and balance the needs of clients, the media, his team, and the agency/brand he worked for. He can create the big-thinking strategies and knows the need for big ideas but unlike so many others in the business who are big on talk and small on action, he motivates himself and his team to deliver the results his campaigns are designed for.
- Jim Eber, Principal, Inner Monster - Writing/Strategizing/Communications

“Joseph teaches without lecturing, encourages without patronizing, pushes without forcing and leads without grandstanding.  Joseph possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience from which I am glad I was able to benefit. Any employer would be wise to take advantage of the same. Plus, you'll never have to worry about where to eat; Joseph is a walking Zagat.”

- Stephen Winkler, Public Relations, Swatch Group US